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Features Overview




  • Managers can create groups for each shift and then assign users to their appropriate group.  

  • Time restrictions can be set by day and time, allowing for the creation of different groups for each shift or working group.

  • When a user is assigned to a time-restricted group, they will only be able to send and receive messages during their approved time frame.

  • Restrictions are enforced by Timezone regardless of where the user is located, assuring that employees are only contacted during business hours.





  • Managers can restrict employees’ access to receiving notifications and messages based on their physical location.

  • The site-based location restrictions can be set for a specific GPS or address location with a radius around it.  

  • As long as the user is within the approved location, they can read, send and receive messages and files.

  • Location restrictions can be used in conjunction with time restrictions or independently.




  • By default, when a manager enforces time and/or location restrictions, users can still open the Hotshot app and browse previous message history.

  • Managers have the option to make it so that when time and/or location restrictions are turned on, and a user attempts to open the app, the restricted user would not be able to see their previous message history, instead they would see a "graceful" lockout screen.




  • In emergency situations, managers can send a mass-communication message to all users.

  • The admin simply clicks a button and can write either an announcement or emergency alert.

  • Managers would have an option to override time/location restrictions when setting emergency alerts. In cases of natural disaster or other high-risk situations, managers can communicate to their employees effectively.