Security compliant mobile messaging for business.

Hotshot relies on a global team of technologists to deliver a reliable, resilient and secure messaging system.


Combining their experience from the fields of mobile technology development and high-performance team management, Hotshot was founded to deliver a messaging and collaboration system that is easy to use and eliminates labor law and information handling compliance risks.

Based on research conducted in the US and EU, the Hotshot team collaborated with legal experts to develop a simple-to-deploy platform which provides all of the security and performance that users have come to expect from mobile messaging apps, while reducing the likelihood of violating labor law guidelines for off-the-clock work or Personally-Identifiable-Information (PII) handling regulations relating to customer names, addresses, payment details or even health records.

Hotshot relies on a global team of technologists to develop and deliver a reliable, resilient and secure messaging system.  


Over the last decade, worker’s rights advocates have focused on limiting the amount of off-the-clock work that non-exempt employees have to engage in. Starting with EU efforts in France, where laws have been passed last year, and recent US class action compensation lawsuits, employers have been subject to fines and settlements that exceed hundreds-of-millions of dollars.  

Hotshot eliminates the potential for off-hour communications to create a labor law or compensation claim by allowing owners and managers to configure strict policies for when non-exempt employees can access work-related communications and when they are notified of new communications.  

Hotshot’s security and message access features also reduce the likelihood of data breaches or claims by customers that businesses have mis-handled their PII.  As long as data stays within the Hotshot system, all data is protected by security technologies which exceed even the most-demanding HIPAA requirements for electronic health records or state PII protection statutes and GDPR requirements for sharing customer data among team members.  


The Hotshot Team

Aaron Turner.png

Aaron Turner, CEO

Experienced technology entrepreneur, beginning with his startup-driven mentality while founding security teams within Microsoft, invited by the US government to build a new generation of security technologies for critical infrastructure. A successful independent entrepreneur with experience in the fast-paced mobile and IoT security technology industries, he most-recently sold his Terreo technology startup to Verifone in 2015 and served as VP of Security Product R&D at Verifone until February 2017.


Srini Murty, CRO

Srini has more than 20 years of industry experience at multiple startups with very successful results and exits. At Zimperium, a machine-learning based mobile threat defense technology platform, he accelerated the revenues year-on-year for three years straight. He utilized both strategic channels like Deutsch Telekom, Telefónica, MobileIron, McAfee, and large direct customers increasing revenues from nothing to annual run-rates in the millions. At E2open, Srini tripled the revenues from IBM and Lenovo in under two years, allowing for a successful IPO and eventual buyout. At i2, Srini started the European operations with 5 people and no revenues to reaching a 1B USD run-rate at peak and helped with the company’s pubic valuation of over $65B.



Kris Bertagnolli, Director US Sales

Kris is a nationally-recognized sales leader with significant experience in the wireless retail industry. Building and leading sales teams which exceed expectations is his passion. Kris’ insights into the needs of high-performance sales teams was one of the motivating factors in driving the development of Hotshot.

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